Skinningrove to Cowbar

This site extends from Skinningrove to Cowbar and includes: the top of the cliffs and banks lying between the fields and cliff edge;  Boulby Quarry and Lingberry (Loftus) Quarry from the southern edge of the Hummersea area to the stile above Boulby Cottage; and from the stile above Boulby Cottages to the harbour at Cowbar. The cliff slopes at Hummersea have interesting grassland vegetation where large numbers of the beautiful white-flowered Grass-of-Parnassuss grow and the rock underneath provided important fossil evidence to help date rock formation. The remains of huge alum quarries which must have devastated the local flora for the 300 years whilst they were active, have steadily recolonized over the last century  with acid-loving plants like heather.