Evening walk at Marske seafront on 18th June

Posted on 21st June 2015

Even though it was chilly, a bit windy, and threatened to rain, the wildflowers shone through on our circular walk from St. Germain’s Church over to ‘Blue Mountain’ then across the sea front north to the Slipway returning over the top along the mown grass in front of the houses to cross through St Germain’s churchyard.


There were interesting patches of White Campion (some infected with a black smut growing on the anthers) Red Campion and probably the hybrid between the two. Lesser Meadow-rue was just starting into flower as was the Viper’s Bugloss after which ‘Blue Mountain’ was probably named.  The flowers of Common Mallow, Cat’s-ear and Rough Hawkbit had closed up for the evening unfortunately but we were still able to see small spikes of Northern Marsh-orchid, Common Spotted-orchid and the hybrid between the two looking especially attractive when growing within clumps of yellow Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil.


Northern Marsh-orchid growing with Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil

Of the seaside plants, there were a few of Sea-beet, some spreading mats of Sea Sandwort and some charming lilac-flowered Sea Rocket although this latter plant was mainly at the Slipway end of the walk.


An interesting collection of garden escapes was noted; long established clumps of Japanese Rose (in dark pink, pink and white flowered forms) and Monbretia, to more recent additions of Elephant’s ears, Iceplant, Alyssum and Fuchsia.


Whilst returning we noted in the mown grass smaller forms of the plants growing in the dunes like Sea Plantain, Ribwort Plantain, and Lady’s Bedstraw.